Which Oils Do Cinnamon Essential Oil Blend Well With

Which Oils Do Cinnamon Essential Oil Blend Well With?

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Have you ever heard of Cinnamon? Of course, you do! It’s a common ingredient we use in our baked goodies and meals. But, have you heard about Cinnamon Oils? Probably yes— but do you really know what they can do to you? No. But not for long

Cinnamon essential oil blends well with clove, ginger, grapefruit, and lemon essential oil. These blends provide our body with different effects, that can help it function better. 

 What is Cinnamon Oil?

Cinnamon oil is one of the products a Cinnamon Tree can have. Other products a Cinnamon can have are cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon Oils are commonly used for Aromatherapy. 

There are currently Three Types of Cinnamon Oils

1. Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

This is purified steam of Cinnamomum Verum’s leaf, what we commonly known as Ceylon Cinnamon. This essential oil has a mild and warm scent, which makes it the lightest type among the cinnamon oils.

2. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

This oil goes through the same process with Cinnamon Leaf Oil. However, this bark oil comes a cinnamon bark of Ceylon Cinnamon. Contrasting to the light and warm scent of your Cinnamon Leaf Oil, this oil has a strong and spicy scent. This scent can also come off as somewhat woody. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil blends well with floral and citrus essences. 

3. Cinnamon Cassia Oil

This comes from a different variety of Cinnamon, which is the Cinnamomum Aromaticum, which we commonly know as Cassia Cinnamon. It has similar effects with Ceylon Cinnamon (since they belong to the same family).

However, Cassia Cinnamon has a much stronger and spicier aroma compared to the other two. 

Essential Oil Safety

Our skin doesn’t respond well with undiluted essential oils as it can cause skin irritation or even burn it. To avoid this, you have to dilute these cinnamon essential oils with a carrier oil.

What is a Carrier Oil? 

This is the oil that’s used to dilute your essential oils. It’s called carrier oils since they ‘carry’ these essential oils to your skin without causing any skin reactions. 

Some examples of a Carrier Oil are Vegetable Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and others. Sometimes, it comes in the form of gels and body lotion that are unscented. 

This just strongly implies that Cinnamon Essential Oils (or any oils for that matter) doesn’t work well when used alone. This why cinnamon essential oil blends well with other essential oils.

Essential Oils That Cinnamon Essential Oil Blends Well With:

1. Clove Essential Oil & Cinnamon Essential Oil

It can be called a germ-busting blend. This particular blend is a combination of any Cinnamon Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil if you’re not familiar with a clove essential oil. 

This is the oil that is distilled from a Clove plant’s flower bud. It’s fairly known for its ability to kill bacteria that dwell in the mouth. For this reason, it’s usually an ingredient for your mouthwashes and toothpaste. 

With your Clove essential oil combined with Cinnamon Oil, it creates a powerful blend to counter germs and bacteria.

How to Make a Germ Buster Blend?

Simply mix the following ingredients together and shake well:

  • 10 Drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • 5 Drops of Clove Essential Oil
  • 8 Ounces of Water

How Can It Be Used?

  • Household Antibacterial Blend

Kill bacteria within your household by adding a few drops of this germ busting blend into your laundry, dishwasher, and mop bucket.

  • Refreshing Foot Soak

Adding 10 drops of germ buster into approximately 1 gallon of water can help you ease the entire day’s stress and tension and invigorates you. Plus, it also soothes pain, ache, and unwanted foot odor. 

2. Ginger Essential Oil & Cinnamon Essential Oil

This blend is known for its invigorating wonders which goes beyond the relaxation. This diffuser blend brings also brings anti-aging, hair restoring, and libido-boosting on the plate.

Ginger Essential oil is known for its extremely calming and soothing effects in our body, which is similar to Cinnamon Oil. Aside from that, it also has anti-aging property, so if you want to keep your skin young and tight, this blends in for you. Plus, it can also boost your libido since it regulates your blood circulation, increasing your libido.

How Can It Be Used?

It can be used as a diffuser blend to give your home a warm and cozy feel. Diffuser blends are aromatic oils that provide your body benefits by stimulating your brain with its aromatic scents.

3. Grapefruit Essential Oil & Cinnamon Essential Oil

This oil is known for its tangy scent; this blend can strongly elevate your mood and relaxes you at the same time. One of the advantages of using Grapefruit essential oil is that it can reduce stress. It can also boost your mood and energy, and most of all, it can regulate your circulation. 

Most of all, when this oil is combined with your Cinnamon Essential Oil, it can elevate your mood and give your energy a huge boost.

How Can It Be Used?

It can be used as a diffuser blend that can help you uplift your mood and make you feel better.

4. Lemon Essential Oil & Cinnamon Essential Oil

Another great blend when it comes to essential oils is the Lemon Oil and the Cinnamon Oil combination. Lemon has this distinct tangy aroma that can help you boost your energy.

Aside from that, it’s also great for de-stressing and reducing anxiety. Apart from that, it can also positively affect your mood by inhaling its fruity aroma. When combined with Cinnamon oil, it can create a strongly relaxing but energy-boosting aroma. 

In addition to that, it could also protect you from bacteria and fungi due to the antibacterial compounds that are found within these two. 

How to Use it

  • Diffuser

It’s mostly used as a diffuser to help bring your mood up. 

  • Massage Oil

Due to its soothing properties, it can also be used as a massage oil. 

Important Step

Conduct a patch test first before you proceed into applying the blend on your body.

How to Make a Diffuser Blend?

Mix the following oils together in 0.5 ounces of carrier oil:

  • 3 drops clove oil
  • 1 drop eucalyptus oil
  • 3 drops lemon oil
  • 2 drops cinnamon oil
  • 1 drop rosemary oil

How to Make a Massage Oil?

Add a drop of cinnamon oil and lemon oil in around 0.5 ounces of carrier oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cinnamon Essential Oil Blends


Cinnamon essential oil blends are basically mixing two of your favorite scents together. If you want to boost your energy but relaxing at the same time, you can create a Lemon and Cinnamon Oil diffuser. If you want to get rid of bacteria, the Germ Busting combination can help you kill bacteria within your household. These diffuser blends can not only boost your immune system but also help you relieve stress and soothe your pain.