Pure Ground Cinnamon - Watkins

This is a premium-grade Cinnamon. It’s non-GMO, Gluten Free and safe for Kosher. It has high essential oil content is crafted in the USA.

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This Ground Cinnamon from Watkins is very flavorful. It’s great for different baked goods and savory dishes. People who bought this Cinnamon Powder are also happy with their purchase and are mostly have repeatedly bought this Cinnamon.

However, some people were not happy since the container couldn’t properly hold the Cinnamon powder inside and would most-likely spill on the plastic by the time the Cinnamon was delivered to them.

Watkin’s Gourmet Spice Cinnamon Powder is great for coffees, baked goods, and savory dishes. However, the packaging is not entirely secured and most likely spills over the plastic by the time the Cinnamon Powder gets to the buyer.



For a tin of this Cinnamon Powder, it’s already a good price.