Organic Cinnamon - Grimweed Apothecary

This essential oil comes from an organic True Cinnamon. It’s great for relieving stress and exhaustion.

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According to the people who tried Grimweed Apothecary’s Organic Cinnamon Oil, they found these Cinnamon Oil to be really good. It had an excellent and invigorating scent. 

One person who bought this Cinnamon Oil, however, found that the oil did not deliver as promised. However, other than that, people found this oil to be very relaxing.

Grimweed Apothecary’s Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is very aromatic, and people loved it. They found this Cinnamon Oil to be very worth the price that they’re paying.



The price of this Cinnamon Oil for its quality and effectiveness makes the cost all worth it.