Ground Cinnamon - McCormick

This cinnamon powder from McCormick is 100% whole ground cinnamon. It’s non-GMO, and it doesn’t have any added fillers.

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This ground Cinnamon from McCormick has a rich but subtle Cinnamon Flavor. Most people found it an effective powder for warding off ants and killing fungus for the plants. 

Lots of people also found it a great spice to boost the flavor of their baked goods. However, some people found the McCormick Ground Cinnamon to be lacking flavor.

McCormick’s Ground Cinnamon is a 100% pure Cinnamon powder. It has a subtle but rich Cinnamon taste, and its great for adding more flavor into your treats. It also works in killing fungi around your garden.



Among the different McCormick Ground Cinnamon sellers, this has offered the lowest price. Others sell it for a dollar higher.