Happy Belly Cinnamon Sticks - Amazon Brand

This Cinnamon stick has a deeply warm, and sweetly delicate flavor. It’s also Kosher Certified.

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Our Recommendation

Most people who bought this Cinnamon Sticks loved it for its price and quality. It had a potent Cinnamon scent and flavor— all for a lower price than the other ones.

Some were unsatisfied with their purchase since they only received a few sticks and that the flavor was not strong enough.

Amazon Brand’s Cinnamon Sticks are certainly not the best in the field, but it has a pretty good flavor and scent. Also, for the price you’re paying, Happy Belly Cinnamon Stick is not bad.



The price of this 1.5-ounce Cinnamon Stick is perfect for the quality of Cinnamon Stick you’re going to have.