Do Cinnamon Really Burn Your Belly Fats?

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Having belly fat is a bane to most people’s existence. Especially when you look at the nice clothes you can wear and how it would fit perfectly on your body if you lost a little bit of belly fat. I have the same problem too. But I have an alternative solution for you. 

Cinnamon can prevent the accumulation of fat in your body, and help burn belly fat so you don’t have to gain more weight than what you already have. 

What is Cinnamon?

Does Cinnamon Help Burn Belly Fat

Cinnamon is a common household spice that comes from a Cinnamomum’s inner bark. Most of the time, people use it as a spice for their meals, especially if they want to add more flavor to the dish. 

Cinnamon can also be added to baked goodies such as bread, cookies, cupcakes, and many more as it doesn’t only boost the flavor but also its aroma. Aside from that, it’s used for teas and other drinks. 

Since it’s a common spice, it’s often viewed as a mere common spice, but it’s not. It’s more than a household spice in your spice rack. Aside from the wonders, it can do to the meals we eat, it’s also packed with nutrients that can help our health. 

Cinnamon for belly fat loss can greatly help you in losing weight— especially those love handles. Only a few people associate Cinnamon and belly fat together, but let me tell you, it works very well with each other.

2 Types of Cinnamon

There are currently two main types of Cinnamon, these are the Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. We call these two as main types of Cinnamon as both of these have variants. 

Cassia Cinnamon

This is the most affordable type of Cinnamon. It’s also the Cinnamon that is commonly displayed on your local supermarkets. If you have a Cinnamon on your spice rack, you may check it, if it only says Cinnamon, then it’s most likely Cassia. 

If you have Cinnamon sticks, Cassia has a reddish-brown color and is reasonably thick. Since the stick is quite thick, it only has a single roll. Flavorwise, Cassia has strong spicy flavor and aroma. 

Ceylon Cinnamon

Also known as True Cinnamon, Ceylon is the more expensive type of Cinnamon as it can cost at least 4x the price of your Cassia Cinnamon. Aside from that, Ceylon is also not a common spice that’s sold on your supermarket. 

Ceylon originated from Sri Lanka. Contrasting to your Cassia Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon has a tan brown color. It’s Cinnamon sticks are very thin, almost sheet-like. The layers of these sticks are also very fragile and are easily breakable. When it comes to the flavor, Ceylon has a milder taste and flavor. Ceylon also has a tinge of sweetness in it. 

Common Benefits of Cinnamon?

  • Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Perhaps the most common benefit of using Cinnamon is that it contains Cinnamaldehyde, a compound that can mimic insulin and what it does to our body. If you’re not familiar with insulin, a hormone that’s produced by your pancreas. Its job is to keep your blood sugar level in check. It makes sure that it never goes way too high or dangerously low. 

Although the Cinnamaldehyde in Cinnamon mimics insulin, it cannot copy the job as fast as insulin does, but it still does the job. 

  • Packed with Antioxidants

Aside from its blood sugar-regulating effect, Cinnamon is also packed with antioxidants. If you’re not familiar with antioxidants, it’s the element that protects your skin from potential harm that causes your skin to age quickly. What is does is creates a protective layer from the harmful UV rays and uncharged molecules such as free radicals.

These uncharged molecules steal electrons from your skin so that the free radicals can form a pair. With the lack of electrons on your skin, it ages quickly. The antioxidants from Cinnamon protects your skin. 

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Cinnamon also contains a blood-thinning agent. So if you’re taking blood-thinning medicines, you should stay away from Cinnamon until your doctor says so. This thinning of your blood can greatly help your current blood flow. Cinnamon also lowers down the rate of the bad cholesterol in your body while retaining the good ones. Which can greatly help if you have high cholesterol?.

Does Cinnamon Really Burn Belly Fat?

Yes and Not Really. 
Yes because Coumarin can help you burn your body fats faster. Cassia has a high coumarin content which runs up to 4%, and Ceylon has a very few of it, which is around 0.001%.

However, Coumarin is very dangerous if it is taken daily since it can harm your liver and other internal organs. So, it’s not really recommended that you use it daily to burn your body fats. However, Cinnamon can still help you with your struggle as it can prevent body fat accumulation. 

This is one of the least known benefits of Cinnamon. According to a study conducted about plant extracts for anti-obesity, both Cinnamon and Apple gave positive effects in preventing body fats from accumulating in your body. Plus, the Cinnamaldehyde also helps increase the number of proteins and enzymes that breaks down your body fats.

Aside from that, it also activates the protein TRPA1, which delays your gastric emptying, which lowers down your appetite. It does this by reducing the production of the hormone that increases your appetite, which is ghrelin.

Cinnamon is a pack full of fat-prevention elements that can help you control the increase of your body fats. 

Choose the Right Kind of Cinnamon

Both Cassia and Ceylon Cinnamon contain the same amount of nutrients and can give you the same health benefits. However, there’s a catch. As stated earlier, Cassia has a high content of Coumarin, which can badly affect your liver if taken in excess amount.

If you take Cassia Cinnamon on a daily basis, your liver which filters and detoxifies your blood from any toxic food you have taken. Without it, your body won’t be able to filter out any toxic that enters your body.

Ceylon Cinnamon, on the other hand, only has a 0.001% of Coumarin, which brings all the nutrients and health benefits of Cinnamon, without any negative side effects. Which is why even doctors recommend that you take Ceylon Cinnamon daily.

If you’re consuming Cinnamon for belly fat, then make sure you’re choosing Ceylon Cinnamon. You don’t want to kill your liver in the process of losing weight, do you?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cinnamon for Belly Fat


When it comes to controlling your body fat and preventing your body from accumulating more fats using Cinnamon, you should also consider the other side effects it can bring on the table. Cassia Cinnamon may help you burn fats faster, but taking it daily will only harm your liver and other organs. Make sure that you use Ceylon Cinnamon. Not only will it help you prevent any body fat accumulation, it will also bring forth all of the health benefits with it. Which Cinnamon do you think is better?