Cinnamon - Sundown

It’s a non-GMO Cinnamon Capsule that’s great for boosting your sugar metabolism and regulating your blood flow.

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Most people found Cinnamon from Sundown effective in reducing their blood sugar level. Others found the capsule to have a weird aftertaste, but it’s still manageable. Some people also felt disappointed as they expected the capsules to be 1000mg but received only 500mg ones.

This Cinnamon Capsule is also NOT Vegan as it contains pork. One person who’s hypoglycemic also found Cinnamon from Sundown to drastically drag their blood sugar level dangerously low and have warned those who have Hypoglycemia.

Overall, if you have diabetes and is looking for a Cinnamon Capsule to help you reduce and manage your blood sugar level. This is great for you.

Be warned that this capsule contains Pork. So if you do not eat pork, this is not the capsule for you.

Sundown’s Cinnamon Capsule is effective for improving their blood flow and regulating their blood sugar level. However, it’s not advisable for those who have Hypoglycemia. It also contains pork, which makes this product non-vegan. 


This version is currently not available however, its other variant with 1000mg and 200 capsules costs