Cinnamon Sticks - Simply Organic

These Korintje cinnamon sticks are certified organic. It has a deep flavor and great aroma.

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People loved Simply Organic’s Cinnamon Sticks as they found it to be very rich in flavor. People also found these Sticks to be very aromatic and fresh— making it ideal for any dish.

However, some people found these Cinnamon sticks to be very short as they were expecting this Cinnamon Sticks to be longer. Other than that, people found this Cinnamon Sticks pleasing. 

Simply Organic’s Cinnamon Sticks are very fragrant and comes with a rich aroma that you will certainly love. Even if the price is quite high for 1.13-ounce Cinnamon Sticks, it is still worth the price. 



For a 3.5-ounce cinnamon stick is quite pricey. But with its quality and freshness, your money is worth the price.