Cinnamon Sticks - McCormick

These Cinnamon Sticks add warmth and deep flavor to your baked and savory dishes.

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Most people who bought these Cinnamon Sticks found it to be very great, especially Cinnamon Tea. People also found it great that these Cinnamon Sticks had a rich aroma. 

But, some people found McCormick’s Cinnamon Sticks to be very hard and bitter. Other than that, people loved its richness in flavor, which makes it ideal for baked goods.

McCormick’s Cinnamon Sticks has a very rich aroma. It’s also very flavorful. However, some people found it to be very hard to break.



For a pack of 10-oz Cinnamon Sticks, McCormick offers a great deal as their Cinnamon Sticks have a rich aroma and great taste.