Cinnamon Sticks - Elephant Chateau

These Cinnamon Sticks are made from 100% true Alba Cinnamon. It’s also fresh from direct farms.

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People who tried Elephant Chateau’s Cinnamon Sticks loved how mild and sweet these Cinnamon STicks are. They mixed these Cinnamon sticks on their drinks such as hot chocolates. 

However, some people did feel that the Cinnamon Sticks that they received we’re only placed in a Ziplock that’s not tightly sealed. Others also commented on how these sticks lack the aroma and flavor of a Cinnamon.

Elephant Chateau’s Cinnamon Sticks are made of True Cinnamon. It has a mildly sweet aroma and flavor. However, the product is not tightly sealed in a secure container.



This pack of 1-oz Cinnamon Sticks from Elephant Chateau is very aromatic and is worth the price.