Cinnamon Stick - Laxmi Brand

These Cinnamon Sticks has a sweet taste and deep aroma that’s perfect for cakes and other baked goods.

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According to the people who bought Laxmi Cinnamon Sticks, the aroma of this Cinnamon Sticks are very rich. It also tastes great when it is used as a Cinnamon Tea. 

However, some of the people who tried this Cinnamon Sticks found it to be average and not flavorful. Other than that, people loved the brand. They also commented on how this pack had a good quantity of Cinnamon Sticks.

Laxmi Brand of Cinnamon Sticks is great. It has great flavor and aroma. However, some people found the Cinnamon to be not very fresh. Others also got bits and pieces of Cinnamon Sticks and not whole ones. 



For a pack of 7-oz Cinnamon Sticks, Laxmi Brand is an excellent choice for buying Cinnamon Sticks.