Cinnamon - Sundown

It’s a non-GMO Cinnamon Capsule that’s great for boosting your sugar metabolism and regulating your blood flow.

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Cinnamon Extract Capsules from Natrol is an excellent Cinnamon Capsule that effectively reduces blood sugar levels. It’s also great for managing blood flow. 

Some people found the capsules to be easy to swallow. However, some found the capsules difficult to swallow due to the size of the capsules.

Natrol’s Cinnamon Extract Capsule is very effective in controlling your blood sugar level. It can also give you great blood flow. But, its capsule is quite large and can cause some people to have difficulty taking it.



Among the Natrol Cinnamon Extract Capsules that are being sold on Amazon, this one is the only one with stocks. Additionally, its price is not bad for the benefits that it can give you.