Ceylon Cinnamon - Simply Organic

This 2.08-ounce Cinnamon Powder is 100% made from organic Ceylon cinnamon. It’s non-GMO and non-ETO. Aside from that, it’s also Kosher certified by KSA.

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This ground cinnamon from Simply Organic is 100% made from Ceylon Cinnamon. People loved it since it was a great addition to their recipes, such as savory-sweet ones. Some people also pointed out that it was a great ingredient to spice up their baked goods.

Some people complained that this Cinnamon Powder doesn’t taste like Cinnamon at all. This is a given since Ceylon Cinnamon is a milder variant of Cinnamon and is not as potent as Cassia.

Overall, this ground cinnamon from Simply Organic is an ideal Cinnamon for those who are looking for Ceylon Cinnamon.

Simply Organic’s ground cinnamon is a great Cinnamon that people who love true cinnamon. It’s mild and is rich in flavor. It’s also great for any baked goods or savory-sweet dishes.



This Cinnamon is quite pricey for its size. However, that’s given since it’s made from 100% Ceylon Cinnamon.