Reasons Not to Ditch Ceylon Cinnamon Oils

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Not a lot of people know of the power a drop of Ceylon Cinnamon Oil brings to your body. Today, you’re going to find out how it can boost your health, even without adding it to your recipes. 

What is Ceylon Cinnamon Oil?

This is the essential oil from the bark of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, or what we commonly know, Ceylon Cinnamon. This can also be extracted from its leaf which will then be processed and turned into a Cinnamon Leaf Oil.

The tree itself originated from Sri Lanka. This Cinnamon bark essential oil has a sweet and spicy scent that’s not very strong and has a calming effect. Aside from its calming aroma, it can also give us health benefits. 

Benefits of Using Ceylon Cinnamon Oil

1. Boost Your Mood

Cinnamon Oil is a popular oil that’s commonly used for an Aromatherapy Treatment at home. One way of using a Cinnamon Oil is through mixing a few drops of Cinnamon Oil per bath for utmost relaxation. It can also be placed in a spritz bottle so the skin can easily absorb its nutrients. Ceylon oil has a distinct aroma that elevates your mood.

2. Protects Your Skin

Ceylon Cinnamon Oil contains a healthy amount of antioxidants. With the amount of antioxidant within a Ceylon Cinnamon Oil, your skin will be free from harmful substances such as free radicals and air pollution.

Aside from that, it can also lock in the moisture in your skin. So if you have dry and sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about this oil harming you.

3. Help People with ADHD 

Due to its calming and relaxing nature, Cinnamon Oil is also used to help people with ADHD control their impulses. Studies from Taiwan proved that Cinnamon Oils and Cinnamon Aromatherapy is an excellent alternative for ADHD therapy.

4. Treats Indigestions

Cinnamon Oil and Extract can also be used as an Antiseptic Antispasmodic. This means that it is an excellent treatment for those who often experience indigestion. It’s also excellent for those who experience bloating and stomach gas. So if you’re a traveler who often gets indigestion and stomach cramps, having a Cinnamon Oil added in how beverages can help you ease the pain. 

5. Increases Your Libido

With the right amount of Cinnamon Leaf Oil, your body will feel relaxed. Relaxed enough that it sends a special signal in your brain to increase your libido. Which makes your Cinnamon an excellent Aphrodisiac. 

6. Diabetes Treatment Alternative

Aside from controlling ADHD impulses, it can also be a great alternative treatment for type II diabetes. Ceylon Cinnamon contains a compound that can help control and regulate your blood sugar. Its astounding effect ha piqued several brilliant minds who proved Cinnamon’s effect on Diabetes.

7. Boosts Blood Circulation

Ceylon Cinnamon contains a compound that thins out your blood. With your blood all thinned out, the blood circulation within your body would be a lot better. Researches have been conducted regarding this matter and have shown a promising result. 

How Ceylon Cinnamon Oils Can Be Used

Added to Drinks

One great way to use your Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is through adding at least 1 – 3 drops of it on a hot beverage, then drink it.

However, if you’re still starting, it would be safer to have at least 1 drop of this oil. Why? Essential oils are concentrated and may cause harm when taken in alarmingly high levels. 

Mixed with Water in a Spritz Bottle

Ceylon is an excellent disinfectant and skin protector. You can add at least 1%- 3% of your Ceylon Cinnamon Oil in a spritz bottle, and use it as you please. You can even spray it over your skin to lock in your skin’s moisture. 

Use it for Massage

You can add at least 1% if your Cinnamon Oil with other oils such as Coconut oil and use it for massage. Aside from its highly relaxing aroma, it can also hydrate your skin, make it smoother, and most importantly relaxes your mind.

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Cinnamon Oils can bring a ton of benefits to your body, from giving you a relaxing aroma into giving you great health benefits. Keep in mind that you should use Ceylon Cinnamon Oil and not Cassia since it contains coumarin which may be toxic to your body.