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Buying Tips: Where To Buy Ceylon Cinnamon

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Don’t know where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon? We have prepared a short guide to help you with your search for Ceylon Cinnamon. 

Ceylon Cinnamon can both be bought from a local grocery store and online. Searching for Ceylon Cinnamon on a local store can be quite a task. However, if you’re wondering where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon online, you can order one from both Amazon and Walmart. 

But before we jump into that, let’s find out more about the two kinds of Cinnamon, and how you can identify one from the other. 

2 Kinds of Cinnamon

There’s no doubt that Cinnamon had become a part of our daily lives. Most of the time, we use it to boost the flavor of our meals and baked goodies. We even add it to our beverages to help us relax our stressed-out mind. What we don’t know is that we may have been taking in toxins in our body.

The wrong kind of Cinnamon that makes the flavor of your food much better might be poisoning your liver. Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon are two different kinds of Cinnamon. One slowly poisons your liver, and one doesn’t.

1. Cassia Cinnamon

Commonly known as Chinese Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon originated from China. This Cinnamon the most frequently used type of Cinnamon because one, it’s very cheap, and two, it’s available everywhere.

Cassia has around 4% Coumarin, a substance that is severely toxic to your liver if it is taken in excess amounts. 

This means that you shouldn’t consume this Cinnamon every day, or your liver will give up. It has a lot of benefits such as faster metabolism, regulating your blood glucose level, and thins your blood out for better blood flow. However, due to its high amount of Coumarin, you shouldn’t be eating it every day. 

2. Ceylon Cinnamon

Commonly known as the True Cinnamon, Ceylon comes from Sri Lanka, a place that produces all types of Ceylon Cinnamon. It’s not as popular as your Cassia Cinnamon. 

The first reason is that it costs 4x higher than your regular Cassia Cinnamon. 

Reason number 2 is that it’s not always on the shelves of your local grocery store. However, doctors strongly recommend that you should consume Ceylon Cinnamon every day.

Just like Cassia Cinnamon, Ceylon regulates your blood flow. It also boosts your Immune System as well as provide insulin to help you manage your blood sugar level. 

Ceylon contains Coumarin. However, it is down to 0.001%, which makes it harmless for our liver. This is why doctors suggest that you should have your daily dose of Ceylon Cinnamon to give your immune system a quick boost. 

How To Identify Ceylon Cinnamon from Cassia Cinnamon?

1. Color

The first thing you’ll notice right away when it comes to spotting the difference between Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon is their color. Cassia has a reddish-brown color, which is close to the mahogany color.

Ceylon Cinnamon, on the other hand, has a tan brown color, which is quite close to the color of gold.

Important Nuggets:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – Tan Brown
  • Cassia Cinnamon – Reddish Dark Brown

2. Thickness

Another noticeable difference between the two kinds of Cinnamon, if you’re buying the stick variation, is that one is much thicker than the other. Cassia Cinnamon is rather thick, with only one whole roll. Cassia Cinnamon stick can also be very thick.

Ceylon Cinnamon, on the other hand, has a thinner stick. This is the reason why Ceylon Cinnamon has a noticeable layer of thin Ceylon Cinnamon sheets.

Important Nuggets:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – Thin Cinnamon Sticks with a lot of sheets
  • Cassia Cinnamon – Thick Cinnamon Sticks with only one roll

3. Aroma

Another factor that separates Cassia Cinnamon from Ceylon Cinnamon is its scent. Cassia Cinnamon gives off a strong spicy aroma, which can sometimes be off-putting when in excess.

Ceylon Cinnamon, on the other side, has a mild calming aroma that’s a mixture of sweet and spicy.

Important Nuggets:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – Sweet Mind and Calming Aroma
  • Cassia Cinnamon – Strong Spicy Aroma

4. Firmness

When it comes to differentiating Cassia from Ceylon Cinnamon, you shouldn’t skip out on its firmness. Again, this applies to those who are planning on buying Cinnamon Sticks.

Cassia Cinnamon sticks are strong and compact, which is why it doesn’t bend that much, thus creating a single roll per stick. Ceylon Cinnamon though has very thin Cinnamon Sticks, which are very fragile and crumbles down easily.

Important Nuggets:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – Fragile and Easy to Crumble
  • Cassia Cinnamon – Strong and Thick

5. Cost

The most obvious factor that can help you identify which ones are Cassia and which is the Ceylon is its price. Cassia Cinnamon is way cheaper than your Ceylon Cinnamon.

So if you recently bought a Cinnamon at a very low price, then that would a Cassia Cinnamon. Mainly because it’s the most common Cinnamon Type.

Important Nuggets:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – 4x more expensive than the Cassia Cinnamon
  • Cassia Cinnamon – Affordable and readily available in the market

Where To Buy Ceylon Cinnamon?

1) Local Grocery Store

If you’re wondering where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon locally, finding one on the grocery store near you can be difficult. This is because Cassia Cinnamon is more common in the global market as compared to Ceylon Cinnamon. However, this doesn’t mean that your local grocery store doesn’t sell it. With a little bit of patience, you can find one.

2) Online

The easiest way to get yourself a quality Ceylon Cinnamon, be it in sticks, powder, capsules, or tea form, is through the internet. There are already a lot of established and trusted online shops that sell this type of Cinnamon.


Amazon is considered to be the most trusted online e-Commerce platform on the internet. This is why it’s not a wonder that quality Ceylon Cinnamon can be found in this online shopping giant.


Another trusted online selling platform that sells Ceylon Cinnamon of good quality is Walmart. Their Ceylon Cinnamon ranges from Capsules, Powders, Cinnamon sticks.


When it comes to buying Cinnamon, you should choose wisely. Make sure that the Cinnamon you’re buying isn’t toxic to your liver and won’t kill it along the way.

Ceylon Cinnamon doesn’t only regulate your blood circulation and your blood sugar level, it also boosts your immune system. Choose your Cinnamon wisely.